The Kingdom of God is not just a concept. It’s an actual Kingdom with actual citizens, one in which you are invited.

But this kingdom is not like the world we see around us. In fact, it can seem quite upside down from what we’re use to.

We invite you to join us for our next Sisterhood event on March 9th!

We are moving to two services for this event! Please, sign up for one of the two service times, either 10:00am or 12:30pm, where we’ll ask: what is the Kingdom of God like? How does it function? How does a perfect King lead?

1134 West Blvd Charlotte, NC 28208

1113 Fordham Rd. Charlotte, NC 28208


8:00 AM  |  9:30AM  | 11:00 AM | 12:30PM | 5:00 PM
3:00PM (Vizion Español)