We Believe in Making Bold Moves

We pioneer, faith filled and fearless

 We Believe that Excellence is the Standard

We do it well or we don’t do it at all

 We Believe our Faith is Contagious

We are enthusiastic and expectant about what God is doing right now

 We Believe in Reaching the Lost by Raising up the Found

We develop disciples who personally evangelize and develop others into disciples

We Believe in being Spirit Filled and Spirit Led

We prayerfully seek the Lord’s leading personally and corporately

 We Believe that Connection to Community is Key

We place priority in meeting together to love and serve one another

We Believe in Throwing Parties that Everyone is Invited to

We create inviting environments and we create space and opportunity for everyone, wherever they are today

We Believe Gratitude Compels Generosity

We can’t help but graciously give back our time, talent and treasure because of who God is

1134 West Blvd Charlotte, NC 28208

1113 Fordham Rd. Charlotte, NC 28208


8:00 AM  |  9:30AM  | 11:00 AM | 12:30PM